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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2021 5:10 am    Post subject: How to Put in a Graphics Card

It is very easy to put in a Graphics Card, all it takes RTX 3090 is only 15 min's of your energy and you can get your gaming computer booting up with the new Graphics Card.

AGP position was the standard for Graphics Card program with the motherboard. As technology advances, the newer PCI-Express has had over and many Graphics Card nowadays use PCI-E position as its program with the motherboard.

Which causes the area install the Graphics Card, you need to identify which sort of position does your Graphics Card uses.

If you are uncertain which position does your Graphics Card use, check out the user manual that accompany the Graphics Card.

Once you are ready to install your Graphics Card, follow these four steps...

Action 1: Uninstall the current Graphics Card drivers

Before you install your new card, you have to uninstall your current card driver. This is because the current driver might not be best with the new Graphics Card and it might result in hardware conflict.

On your Windows desktop, click 'Start' -> 'Control Panel'. In the new window that appears, search for the 'System' image and double click on it. Look for the 'hardware' bill. Click the 'Device Manager'. This will pop up a new window showing your whole hardware setup. Your Graphics Card should be listed under the 'Display Adapter' heading. Double-click the name of your Graphics Card. Yearly window, go to 'Driver' bill and right below, there is an 'Uninstall' button. Click the Uninstall button. Once it is done, close all the windows and power down your pc.

Step two: Remove old Graphics Card

Now, unplug the ability outlet from the wall and eliminate the covering of your computer. Locate the AGP position (short brown color position above the rows of long white PCI slot) with your old Graphics Card. To prevent static charge from damaging your pc parts, touch a metal the main case to ground yourself. Eliminate the prop on the back plate of the Graphics Card and unplug the Graphics Card from the position.

3: Install new card.

Line-up the new card correctly with the AGP position (align with the PCI-e position if your Graphics Card is of the PCI express type). Applying even forces on both end of the card, slowly push the new Graphics Card into the position. Secure it to the back plate with a prop.

Step four: Install new drivers.

Plug in all cables and shoe up your Windows. Your os should now automatically recognize the new hardware and walk you through the installation sorcerer. Most of the time, you will need to insert the driver CD that is included in the Graphics Card into the CD-ROM. Locate the 'setup. exe' file in the driver CD and double click on it. It will then walk you through the installation process. If your Graphics Card is not the latest model, then probably there is a newer version of the driver on the internet. Check out the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers. Set it up. Once done, system your personal machine. Now, you're ready to start gaming.

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