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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:52 pm    Post subject: OBTAINING EVIDENCE BY DETECTIVES IN MADRID CAPITAL


The capture and obtaining of evidence for the matter that deals with us at all times is the basis of all our work as private detectives.

All the evidence that we provide to our clients, both for individuals and companies, is framed within concepts that are fully legal.

Due to the sensitivity of our work, because we are constantly on the edge of rights such as privacy and the right to self-image, it is extremely important that every private detective scrupulously abides by the legal system.

Grupo Arga is a specialist in collecting evidence in all matters entrusted to it. These tests will always be captured respecting all legal formalities.

Subsequently, the evidence will be presented, if the case comes before the Courts of Justice, having full legal validity in the strict sense.

To collect evidence, our private detectives office in the Community of Madrid uses two key elements:


Working tools. Grupo Arga uses the most modern technological elements to carry out its private investigations that allow it to capture everything it needs and distinguish it from other private detectives in Madrid.

Private detectives. The private investigators that make up our detective agency in Madrid are highly experienced in each and every one of the subjects under investigation.


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